DIY Eye Making kit

DIY Eye Making kit

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This kit includes:

- 1 Core mold with flat iris 1/2" (12mm) approx. in diameter
- 1 Clear coat mold with corneal bulge 
- 1 Base plate

- 6" of yarn for veining

- 60 Printed self-adhesive  irises
- Sample sheet of available iris colors

- Instructional DVD, 2 hours running time


Currently available in 26mm and 28mm diameter with corneal bulge. Round version without corneal bulge coming soon


Contents of DVD:

- The Basic Human eye

- Zombie and diseased eyes

- Casting eyes without degassing or pressurizing

- Silicone eyes

- Duplicating the eye molds

- Creating your own digital designs and prints


Author's note:

My goal with this kit was to share the knowledge I gained over the last 8 years of eye-making and offer a system that truly anybody could use successfully, even without a well equipped lab. The DVD answers all the questions I've been asked over the years. I tried not to leave anything out, but on the other hand it's impossible to package hands-on experience, so if you're a beginner you will have to go through some trial-and-error to get the feel for some of these materials and techniques.